To apply for Los Angeles Tenri Judo please download the 'Tenri Judo Application and Waiver" form.

In order to compete or receive a USJF black belt, you need to be an active member of USJF.  To do this please download "NANKA/USJF MEMBERSHIP FORM"

Procedure for Submitting Promotion Applications

  1. Form must be typed with complete information
  2. All FEES must be included with your application
  3. Copy of previous promotion rank certificate
  4. Copy of Nage-No-Kata, Sandan will need Katame-No-Kata
  5. Paid up USJF annual fees at time of application, Shodan - current year plus previous year. Nidan and above - current year plus three (3) previous years.
  6. All applicant 18 years and older must have a Background Screening by USJF or USA Judo.
  7. Refereeing (Black Belt applicants for the rank of Shodan) must attend a referee clinic or perform duties as referee within the previous year